Every time when you think of buying a good quality product on installments with reasonable prices, the name of our trusted leasing company will definitely click your mind. When the dire necessity of any home appliance forces you to look for a trustworthy company, PARADISE CENTRE is always there to facilitate you. By the grace of God, our company deals with high standard products and does not give any chance of complaint to its clients.

Our foremost priority is to provide you with our best services in accordance with the quality of our motor cycles, mobile phones, laptops, air coolers, washing machines, air conditioners, LEDs and many other home appliances. Now you need not to worry when you require any of the above mentioned electronics. The only work you have to do is to come to Paradise centre and purchase the product of your choice by the easiest method  you have ever heard  about. It does not count whether you are in any area of the country. As for the convenience of our customers, we have opened many branches in Lahore.

Why you should prefer this company?

There are innumerable reasons to favour  our company in comparison with the other famous companies. Some of them are as under;

Variety of products:

Any time when you pay a visit , you will be provided  various  varieties of products and consequently  their  selection  will be done according to the taste and temperament of your mind very easily.


One of the greatest features of Paradise leasing  company is the availability of its products to its customers .Meaning  thereby that the prices vary from high to low. There is costly machinery for those who can afford and want to buy it but at the same time economical packages are also there  for the ones who require it.


The easy and most authentic procedure of installments make it more desirable for those who come to purchase our most wanted electronic products as they are convinced very happily to buy them . Customers enjoy the great deal of products when they are informed to pay small and very easy amounts of money  per month. They are no longer confused or upset as they are enabled now to purchase new manufactures which is obviously in their budget .

The applaudable behavior of workers:

The exact provision of data relating to any information about a firm is the thing which is utmost essential element to know. The employees of Paradise Centre accomplish their duties very honestly and efficiently. You will never be misguided by our hardworking team members. Our services are non stop and really  comprehensible. The way in which we behave the clients compels you to make a quick deal with us.

Understandable documentation:

Our process of selling is not too much difficult to grasp. It is very short to complete and have ones will without much pain. You can soon buy your product with a little effort. After a bit verification  of your identity  and easy documentation you get it .

Latest technology:

The unique quality of our products is their being modernized coming up to the expectations of this era. Alhumdullilah, with the increasing demand of buyers, our company is introducing  new and latest electronics. There will be no exaggeration if we say that we are super hit to fulfill the demands o f clients from technical point of view.

Basic Necessities:

All the products of our company come in the category of fundamental requirements of daily life. Whether it is about motor cycles , cell phones, refrigerators, micro ovens, LEDs, TVs or washing machines and air conditioners. The amazing performance of our bikes including CD 70, Yamaha, Honda and many others  is no doubt praiseworthy.  You will also be accommodated when you come to have a new mobile phone whether you want to buy iPhone, Android or  a smart phone. It does not lack in any type of machinery whether we talk about washing machines,  lap tops or tablets.

More Attractions:

The pleasant environment , neat and clean atmosphere  ,branded things ,glamorous view of the centre and above all outclass management are the things which add glory to its beauty and catch the attention  of the visitors.

Over Years Services:

The authenticity of Paradise centre needs not to be proved  as the success of so many years is enough to bear its witness. Since 1979 till today, we are making progress by leaps and bounds.

In comparison with other companies:

In actual it is the real worth of the products from technological viewpoint of which customers are aware and they can differentiate between Paradise and other similar companies. you will find an obvious distinction when provided with upgraded products on cheap prices. What a wonderful package! Don’t wait anymore. We are here to give you a warm welcome and our sincere most services. Come first ,  obtain first.